Pavoni Vaganti is a Brand of fashion timeless style,  designed and Made in Italy with always natural raw materials.
Handcrafted in every detail, made with very fine and warm Cashmere, loom-woven Silks, bright and light, very fresh twisted Cottons. From raw materials to buttons or labels, all raw materials are chosen to give the highest quality to our items.

The maximum attention to quality is, and must be, in every detail, even those that are not seen. The total quality make the difference.

Crafting a garment or an accessory, or a jewel by hand, requires many more construction phases than you can imagine. And it requires rare manual skills. Each of our garments, even the simplest, is made with the utmost care and with details that make it superior. And all of our item are Timeless. They do not go out of the collection they do not go out of fashion. Some are customizable in color combinations and require twenty days of processing.

Attentive to every detail, even our packages are rare. Made with the precious Fabrics of San Leucio, a place known worldwide for the Royal Loom Weaving Founded in 1700.

The value of our item is dedicated to those who love not only wearing but also owning different objects and appreciating their quality, craftsmanship and Style.

Style is a matter of choices.