The “Pavoni Vaganti” are very high-end, exclusive items. Comfortable, warm and light at the same time, they wrap around and fit our body and our daily lives.
Designed and Made in Italy.

The colours of the garments are customizable, as are the matching accessories in mink or the embroidery. They are made specifically to order and are therefore unique items.

Every detail has been handcrafted, using the best cashmere, extra-fine wool, and silk to make unique, iconic items.

Each detail is designed and made with the utmost attention, and every accessory on the garment must be of the highest quality, , even when it is not visible.

The labels are made in pure silk, and the handmade inlaid Brand logo on the back of the item is Australian best quality mother of pearl.

The attached small bag is made with rare, valuable San Leucio fabric, the famous handcrafted silk made for Royal Houses all over the world. This manufacture is famous worldwide for its hand weaving looms founded in 1700 and still working today, althought now few in number.

The value of our items is dedicated to those who not only love to wear but also to own different objects and appreciate their quality. The workmanship, the design and wearability lend timeless value to “Pavoni Vaganti”.

The items take twenty days to make and two days to control, and are made to order. This make the items unique.