Double cape coat Roma – black minkfur

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  • Pink silk
  • Smock blue silk
  • turquoise silk
  • Yellow silk

It is our Iconic, unmistakable and extremely luxurious Pavoni Vaganti garment.

The shaved black mink fur Roma coat in is embellished by a silk cape in bright and totally chic colors.

The silk cape is detachable and interchangeable with the various colors available: from cyclamens to turquoises to the splendid blue-smoke color.

This is a warm, enveloping and soft garment, completely finished by hand as well as the Australian mother-of-pearl logo inlaid by hand on the back of the hood.

Packaged in luxury and iconic blue and gold Pavoni Vaganti boxes, the garment comes with a “San Leucio” silk pouch for spare buttons.

Customized product.


Price on request. Make an enquiry.