Before understanding whether a company is pursuing sustainability, we need to know what sustainability is.

Sustainability is a mode of producing things that our planet can sustain. However, there are not any productions, apart from specific cases, that in itself the planet cannot sustain. It is the sum of productions, the amount of items produced, that puts our planet in difficulty. Therefore, the first sustainable fact is: How much we produce.

The more the items we produce are good quality and long-lasting, the less we need to produce them again, therefore the second element of sustainability is: quality. We need to be concerned about whether an item is recyclable if its shelf life is short. However, if the shelf life is long-lasting, it does not need to be totally recyclable.

The less the items we produce come from technological productions, the more they come from nature, the more they are recyclable and are naturally ecological, as nature is totally organic in itself, and auto-recycles. Nature produces everything we need without polluting. It is the production systems and materials invented by humans that pollute. Therefore, the third sustainable fact is: The nature of the products.

Therefore, if a company produces only a few products that are long-lasting and natural, it is a sustainable company.

Everyone has the freedom to evaluate whether the brand or company they are buying a product from is sustainable or not. This applies to anything that we buy.

There are many other aspects to add to these basic concepts, as in the case of natural raw materials, if animal-derived, that come from farms that apply the best living conditions, or, if plant-derived, that are extracted and used without destroying resources and if dyed, that they are coloured in observance of anti-pollution regulations and a thousand other aspects that are not always simple to understand and know for the end user. Even more so if the productions hail from countries that do not have such strict quality regulations. This concerns every type of product that we buy.

At PV, we abide by the first three important facts, we don’t produce big quantities, we don’t invade the market with a surplus of products. We produce only high-quality handcrafted, with natural row materials for long-lasting items. Our collections are targeted and inspired by a Timeless culture of product.

Style is a question of choices and also… of real sustainability.